Current Issue: Issue 21, 2016

The BFSA publishes an annual Bulletin giving information on research, publications, field work, conferences and events in the Arabian peninsula in fields ranging from archaeology and history to natural history and the environment. It also carries feature articles and book reviews.

The deadline for notices of research or events relating to the Arabian Peninsula is 28 February (see below).

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The 2015 Bulletin is available online in pdf format.


The BFSA Lecture Series

Details of our future and past lectures may be found on our Lectures page.

Our next lecture will be on Thursday, 20 April 2017: ‘Policing the Batinah? Late pre-Islamic Persian imperial expansion into the Arabian Peninsula: new evidence from Fulayj’ by Dr Seth Priestman (University of Edinburgh). Dr Priestman has directed two seasons of excavations and fieldworks as part of a current project dealing with the wider frontiers of the Sasanian Empire. The site represents the first securely dated Sasanian site in Oman an the first anywhere facing directly into the Indian Ocean. It opens up new questions about Persian military expansion into Eastern Arabia shortly before the emergence of Islam.

Anglo-Omani Society, 34 Sackville Street, London W1S 3ED Jointly hosted with the Anglo-Omani Society.

Seminar for Arabian Studies

The Seminar for Arabian Studies is the only annual international forum for the presentation of the latest research in the humanities on the Arabian Peninsula. The three-day conference is normally held each July at the British Museum (but in early August 2017) and the proceedings are published in time for the conference the following year.

Seminar for Arabian Studies, 2017

The 51st Seminar will take place from Friday 4th to Sunday 6th August, 2017.

This year’s Special Session will be“Languages, scripts and their uses in ancient North Arabia”.

REMINDER: The deadline for submitting papers is 28th February.  Click here for the Call for Papers

Latest News

Call for items of interest for the latest BFSA Bulletin (2017).
We invite submissions for short notices of ongoing or forthcoming research. 
We also need information on interesting conferences, exhibitions and events relating to the study of the Arabian Peninsula that you or colleagues have attended, or will do so in the future. 

Notices are intended to raise awareness of the range and scope of current research in the Arabian Peninsula. They should be short abstracts or summaries, between  300- 700 words, followed by bibliographic references to recent publications and links to relevant department or project websites.  Email your contribution by 28 February 2017 to:

Daniel Eddisford, Editor, BFSA Bulletin, e-mail:   current_research@thebfsa.org



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