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The BFSA actively supports research on Arabia through the provision of grants in support of research.
In 2014 the BFSA received an extremely generous donation of over £30,000 from Prof. Valeria Fiorani Piacentini. We are very grateful to her. This very exciting development has allowed the BFSA to develop its research grant scheme and to increase the amount we award, enabling us to support more substantial and varied research projects. Details of the new grants scheme can be found here:

Please see below for details of some of the projects we have supported recently:

Globalization, the State and Narrative Plurality: historiography in Saudi Arabia.

We are happy to announce that Jörg Matthias Determann is the 2013 joint winner of the BRISMES Leigh Douglas Memorial Prize for the best PhD dissertation on a Middle Eastern topic. In 2009, he was awarded a BFSA research grant to help fund the fieldwork in Saudi Arabia for this dissertation, which is entitled Globalization, the State and Narrative Plurality: historiography in Saudi Arabia. The independent judges awarding the prize said: “This is a work of extraordinary value and scholarly integrity. …The author has made extraordinarily good use of primary materials, assembling an impressive array of local and personal histories that form a more plural and complex picture of the peoples of Saudi Arabia than has often been appreciated.”

BFSA Research Ethics Policy

BFSA Research Ethics policy

Equal opportunities The BFSA is committed social inclusion, diversity and equal opportunities and is opposed to any direct or indirect discrimination on the grounds of social class, race, ethnic origin, sex, age, religion, sexual preference, or disability. All applicants receive equal treatment.

Ethics The BFSA requires the research it funds to be conducted in an ethical manner. The following considerations apply to all research to be supported by BFSA grants: accurate reporting of findings, and a commitment to enabling others to replicate results where possible;
fair dealing in respect of other researchers and their intellectual property;
honesty to research staff and students about the purpose, methods and intended and possible use of the research and any risks involved;

  • confidentiality of information supplied by research subjects and anonymity of respondents (unless otherwise agreed with research subjects and respondents); and
  • independence and impartiality of researchers to the subject of the research.

The BFSA Grants Sub-Committee

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