The Next Seminar

The next Seminar for Arabian Studies will take place at the British Museum from 3 to 5 August 2018.

Call for Papers

The Call for Papers normally issues at the beginning of December, with a closing date of 28 February for the following Seminar.

Due to programme time constraints, and the ever-increasing number of abstracts received, there is no guarantee that all papers will be accepted. The Steering Committee will select those abstracts that are most scholarly, with a focused statement of thesis or importance, clear aims and methodology, well-organized research data, specified sources, and coherent conclusions. As in previous years, the Committee will normally only accept one abstract from any given project.

Only those papers that are actually presented at the Seminar will be considered for publication in the Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies, and they will be subject to editorial and peer review.


The Seminar is very happy to receive submissions for the presentation of research posters. All posters presented at the Seminar must have an abstract approved in advance by the Committee; other posters will not be accepted. The deadline for the submission of poster abstracts is 31 May. Posters will no longer be published as short papers in PSAS, but will be published online with weblinks to the electronic versions included in the online edition of the PSAS.  Guidelines for poster submissions are here: Poster Guidelines (PDF format)

Proposals for a Special Session

The Committee is happy to consider proposals for a Special Session.  Such a proposal should be sent to the Secretary of the Committee as soon as possible after the previous Seminar and no later than 1st December. It should be accompanied by a budget and an indication of how the Session will be funded. The Seminar is willing to make a contribution towards the costs of the Special Session, but the major part of the finance should be covered from external sources. The budget should include the costs of preparing the papers for publication in time for the Seminar the following year. Advice on this can be obtained from the editor of PSAS .

Proposals for a Focus Session

The Committee is happy to consider possible Focus Session Proposals. A Focus Session Proposal must include a minimum of four papers and have a clear scholarly focus with the explicit purpose to promote discussion and debate on work currently in progress, the current state of scholarship, issues involved in the application of new approaches and models, etc. A proposal for a Focus Session should include a summary of up to 200 words outlining the purpose of the Session, along with abstracts formatted as for individual abstracts, as set down in the call for papers. The Committee will still consider each focus session abstract individually. A Focus Session chair may be nominated by the proposer but a final decision on this will remain with the Committee.

All enquiries should be sent to

The Secretary
Seminar for Arabian Studies
c/o The Department of the Middle East
The British Museum
Great Russell Street
London WC1B 3DG

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